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Best Cardio Workouts You May Be Missing

By michael

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The Best Cardio Workouts You Should Try

-We all know the importance of cardiovascular training but some of the best cardio workouts you may not even be doing. If you find yourself bored with treadmills,elipticals,bikes, or any other cardio machine, then keep reading to find out the best cardio workouts you may be missing out on.

Doing the same piece of cardio equipment over and over will lead your body to adapt to it. This is going to halt you from getting the results you could if you challenged yourself by doing different types of exercises. Adding these exercises to your warm ups and workouts should spark greater results. Let’s now check out some awesome cardio workouts you may be missing out on.

The Warm-Up

The importance of getting a warm up in is crucial to a successful exercise program. A 5 to 10 minute warm up will get the body ready for the workout you are about to do. I am sure you know of the cardio equipment to do this on but you may not realize other alternatives to warm up.

A great alternative to cardio machines for a warm up would be wood chops, dumbbell swings, or burpees. These are are all full body exercises that get the blood flowing preparing you for your workout.

The Workout

Here are some of the best cardio workouts you may be missing.

* Jumping Rope
Some of the best conditioned athletes in the world are boxers and the one thing you see them all do is

‘ href=””>jump rope. Jumping rope gives you a great calorie burning workout and is a great mind -body-connection. Jumping rope also is great because it really takes no investment.

* Stadium Stairs or Hill Sprinting
This is definitely one of the best cardio exercises to build a rock hard lean and powerful body! You can do a form of interval training here as you can sprint up and then walk down. Try it and I am sure you will agree that this is one of the best cardio workouts.

* Sprint Style Swimming Workouts
This type of swimming is a more muscular workout than if you were doing a steady state distance swimming. This type of swimming is the same concept as sprinting as it really burns calories. Remember when it comes to getting results….you need intense training.

*Heavy Bag Punching or Kicking
These are some of the best cardio workouts and they are also a good way to get out some frustration. If you don’t believe this then try hitting the bag for a minute and tell me it isn’t burning some calories. Another great thing about these exercises is it give you a mind body connection, something you really don’t get on cardio machines.

*Dumbbell Circuits
When done properly this is one of the best cardio exercises . With <a class=”colorbox” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow” data-easyazon-asin=”B000VCDXNS” data-easyazon-locale=”US” data-easyazon-localize=”data-easyazon-localize” data-easyazon-popups=”data-easyazon-popups” data-content=’

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‘ href=””>dumbbell circuits, you can alternate between full body exercises to get great fat-burning results. With a dumbbell circuit you can do an exercise for lower body then follow with an exercise for upper body and keep repeating. A good example would be to perform 1 set of squats, push-ups, lunges, bent over rows, step ups, and finally shoulder press, with minimum rest in between exercises. You can then repeat the set again. Great cardio workout.

*Bodyweight Training
Bodyweight training is great for people just starting out but also can be used by the more advanced. Such exercises as bodyweight squats, burpees, pushups, bear crawls, mountain climbers, jumps, and planks, can all be done almost anywhere and don’t need any equipment to do them. The more experienced exerciser can add these to there current routines to super set and burn more calories.

* Exercise DVD’s
I listed exercise DVD’s because there are going to be times when you may have very little time or maybe bad weather can’t get you outside that a quick structured workout may just be what you need. There are several good dvd’s that can really get your heart rate going in minimal time. <a class=”colorbox” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow” data-easyazon-asin=”B00GSBMW2Y” data-easyazon-locale=”US” data-easyazon-localize=”data-easyazon-localize” data-easyazon-popups=”data-easyazon-popups” data-content=”

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” href=””>T25 are just a few.


I hope I have given you some new ideas of some of the best cardio exercises you may not be doing to get results. There is no excuse to stay bored on a piece of cardio equipment that you despise on doing. If you continue to do things that you do not like and or bore you, then the chances of you sticking with your program are slim. Even the best cardio exercises will not work if you don’t stick with them and raise your intensity levels.

Here is a video of a good cardio workout exercise using a kettlebell.


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